The Most Important Secrets for Getting Great Results from Your IT Team

IT Expert Raj Goel Releases New Book New York, NY (May 1, 2012) – IT expert Raj Goel has just released a new book entitled “The Most Important Secrets for Getting Great Results from IT: Everything

Your Computer Consultant Never Told You.’ Mr. Goel uses his experience as an IT professional to provide business owners with tools that successfully integrate information technology solutions into their business matrix. Written in laymen’s language, Mr. Goel’s book makes it easy to get exactly what the one needs from an IT firm, and run a thriving business where the IT systems work to enhance productivity and streamline daily operations. “From my 25 years as an IT consultant and business owner, I’ve found that most companies do a poor job of helping their customers maximize the IT solutions in ways that truly help the company thrive and grow,” said Mr. Goel. “I wrote this book to help business owners understand the elements of their IT systems that make a difference to their bottom line and what they need to know to make sure they get the most from their IT consultants.” In the book, Mr. Goel helps explain how much lost productivity actually costs the company, gives a list of questions to ask current IT consultants, shows strategies for growing the business, and gives practical tips to increase productivity and profits while working less. He shines a light on the hype behind cloud computing, and shares operative steps and secrets to his business. Using these techniques, his clients have increased profitability, closed over $100,000 deals and been able to go on longer, stress-free vacations. “My goal is to help businesses learn how to manage IT rather than being slaves to their IT,” said Mr. Goel. Raj Goel, CISSP, is the co-founder of Brainlink International, Inc. – an NYC based IT consulting firm. As a 25-year veteran of the IT industry, Mr. Goel has personally consulted with everyone from Fortune 100 corporations to small offices. This book is a distillation of the best practices, and lessons learned, from running his own business, and learning from his clients. Mr. Goel has extensive experience in working with Insurance Agents, Financial Planning, Real Estate, Pharmaceutical and healthcare markets, especially on time-sensitive, privacy and/or security oriented solutions. From 24/7 crisis management, to security analysis and problem solving, he brings a wealth of experience in reducing costs, increasing performance and garnering client satisfaction.

Here’s what readers are saying:

“A must read for a business owner that needs to hire an IT firm! Very helpful and informative book written in a clear and concise manner.”- Sorin Cucu, Brooklyn NY

“I really like the fact that the book is very easy to read. Its practical advice on how to make my business more profitable is very refreshing. The tips shared in this book are extremely useful and it outlines ideas that everyone can implement right away. I especially like the chapters on how to use IT to become more profitable, the cloud computing chapter, and the social media chapter. Very useful indeed!” – Sitima Fowler, Rochester, NY

“Raj Goel writes in a crisp, concise style sharing insights he has learned during his 25 years of work with PCs and servers. No flowery language; just direct, substantiated factual experience. You can read this book and learn how to avoid proving things don’t work which Raj has already proven won’t ever work. He presents up to date methods. Gives the reader the way. Save yourself from inevitable failures that attend years of trial and error you must go through as you implement your own IT, unless you read the IT prescriptions in this book. Read Raj’s compact, informative text, and put your company three years ahead of where it is now by just following the truths in this text. You’ll love the pithy insights captured in the quotations at the start of each chapter. Learn what you need to know as you read this fresh, new book” – T. Robin Cole, Jackson, MO

“The book reads like a cogent, matter-of-fact, guide to uncovering what business owners “don’t know what they don’t know” about their security and legal exposure and what they can do about it. Plain talk from a not-so-plain committed and proven expert.” – Glenn S. Spiller

“Excellent look at some common IT issues for the business owner. It is written is a starkly non-technical language, full of commonsense and good examples. Raj really shines in the area of IT Security. I think if I ran a bank, law firm or a medical practice, I would make this required reading for all outward facing employees. I especially like the quote on page three about most business owners not understanding the value of IT. IT should pay for itself not be an expense item. Think about it if you have 50 employees in your payroll with unfettered access to the internet and they spend 5 minutes a day on your nickel. That’s 1083 hours a year you are paying for unproductive time. You add it up if it even stops at 5 minutes!” – Richard H. Crockett, Lancaster PA

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