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January 26, 2016 Published by Rajesh Goel


February 12th, 2016 @ 10AM: SOP CULTURE: Generating Scheduled Security Compliance Reports
*(New date of February 12!)

Everybody knows that our clients are subject to increasing regulations.

And we all know that we need to conduct periodic assessments to show the current state of information security and privacy practices at a client.

And we all know that this is an EXPENSIVE, CUMBERSONE, ERROR-PRONE process.
Well, it was…until now.

Using Brainlink’s PRIVACY & SECURITY BENCHMARK COMPLIANCE tool, you can generate COMPLIANCE POSTURE REPORTS quickly & CORRECTLY. Whether you engage in monthly, quarterly, annual or ad-hoc client reviews, this tool is a fantastic way of communicating “WHAT’S THE CURRENT STATUS?” and “WHERE DO WE WANT TO GO FROM HERE?”

Register here:  https://www.brainlink.com/first-fridays-with-raj-6/.

“You are the man!!  Excellent presentation.  As an FYI, the SC Department of Education has adopted over 390 technical NIST 800-53 controls and I am estimating at least 3x that amount in SOPs.  I am a little overwhelmed but your presentation was spot on.”
– Kenneth B. Puett, Chief Information Security Officer of SC Department of Education

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Brainlink Improves Client Business Using SOPs and RUNBOOKS

A key principle at Brainlink is that we are NOT the owners of our clients’ information – we are the custodian.

As a result, we have invested extensive resources in building Client Runbooks.

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