Are Your Employees Wasting Company Time and Resources?

It’s not uncommon for an employee to use their work computer for something other than work. Whether it’s social media, Reddit, or a live sports stream, behavior such as this will use much of your business’ bandwidth, and waste valuable company time.

Wasting Time Employees

Brainlink wants to help you root out and eradicate that kind of employee behavior. By keeping a careful eye on your network, we’ll identify and report on any irregular usage of your business’ IT so that it can be addressed and resolved in a simple and effective manner.

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Brainlink has a dedicated staff whose sole purpose is to monitor, analyze and report on our clients’ daily bandwidth traffic. Over the course of the first 30 days, we develop a precise baseline on your business so that we know what to expect in data usage. That way, when a quarter of your average month’s traffic is used up in a single day by someone watching The Masters on their work computer, we can let you know about it. From there, we can help you address it with your staff to ensure it doesn’t happen again, or if you prefer, we’ll leave it to you to take care of yourself.

The end result is real-time behavioral modification across your staff and business. By keeping a close eye on your network day in and day out, Brainlink helps you promote a culture of productivity and integrity in your employees, which will result in a more efficient business and a greater return on your investments in staff wages.

Don’t let employee misbehavior reduce your productivity and eat up your bandwidth. Reach out to the Brainlink team at (347) 460-2238 or today to start developing a productive environment for your business’ staff.