Seamlessly Migrate Your Business To The Cloud With Brainlink

Partner with Brainlink today to ensure that your transition to the cloud is effective and low risk.

Moving to the cloud is as necessary as it is challenging, especially for firms such as yours. With our expert assistance, your team can harness the strategic advantages offered by the cloud — efficiency, agility, and scalability — without taking on any risks that come with a poorly planned and executed migration.

Brainlink has extensive experience with cloud technology and migrations. Through careful planning, we can ensure your transition to the cloud is as smooth and painless as possible, with minimal downtime and loss of data. Furthermore, we don’t just settle for mapping over identical services into your new cloud configuration – instead, we can start by carefully evaluating your current infrastructure and business needs. With that information, we can then make informed recommendations for your business and design your new cloud infrastructure to perfectly suit your needs.

Our Methodology for Migration

  1. By employing a detailed strategy and roadmap, Brainlink can better facilitate key decisions, including how to optimize the cloud for your organization, how to choose the right applications, and whether the process requires a proof of concept.
  2. We perform an infrastructure audit to examine your existing infrastructure and compare it to current benchmarks for security, availability, scalability, infrastructure automation, monitoring, proactive prevention of failures, and disaster recovery.
  3. We design your new architecture from the ground up in order to gather requirements, develop logical and network diagrams, and create cloud architecture documents.
  4. We implement automation with industry-leading cloud solutions such as Amazon CloudFormation, Chef, Kubernetes, Mesosphere, and Docker.
  5. We deploy the new cloud production, staging, and test environments.
  6. Every aspect is comprehensively tested at scale and high load.
  7. Your prior infrastructure and applications are cut over to your newly built cloud deployment with minimal downtime.
  8. We develop complete documentation of your new cloud infrastructure in order to ease your team’s transition. Post-launch, we offer additional managed services to ensure your team is getting the most out of the new cloud platform.

Our Migration Tools

  • AWS Database Migration Service to keep application downtime to a minimum.
  • AWS Server Migration Service to speed up lift and shift type migrations.
  • AWS Import/Export Snowball to mitigate common challenges that come with large data transfers and could cause high network costs, long transfer times, and security concerns.
  • NMAP tools for Network Discovery are used to collect data about active hosts on networks and services running on ports.
  • AWS Application Discovery Service to effectively plan application migration projects in a timely manner by automatically determining which applications run in on-premises data centers and gathering vital data on their performance.
  • Server Agents are installed on each host to gather information on server, service, and software.

Start your smooth transition to the cloud today by contacting the Brainlink team of cloud experts at (347) 460-2238 or