Gotham’s 15th Bob Formica Annual Golf Outing A Great Success

Brainlink is proud to have once again participated in Gotham’s Bob Formica Annual Golf Outing. This year’s event was a well-attended opportunity to network and have a little fun at the same time.

Raj Goel enjoyed the day on the links with the rest of his teammates at the Cold Spring Country Club, playing a round over the course of the day before heading in for drinks, dinner, and presentations. As proud members of Gotham City Networking, Inc., Brainlink was a Title and Global Silver Sponsor.

As with every year, the Bob Formica Annual Golf Outing is the time to celebrate Gotham and its many business leaders, philanthropists and more. In the past fifteen years since the start of the Golf Outing, Gotham has only become more expansive and effective. The Brainlink team is confident that this growth and development will continue with each passing year.

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We’re looking forward to next year’s Golf Outing!

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