Beware of CryptoWall

The CryptoWall ransomware virus infiltrates users’ operating systems. After successful infiltration, this malicious program encrypts files stored on users’ computers and demands payment to decrypt them.

The majority of this traffic is coming through trusted free file share programs masked as voicemail messages or faxes. Our IT security experts are successfully blocking many of the known variants of Cryptolocker but spammers are continuously changing up the messages. It is crucial that you let your colleagues know not to open emails and download files without confirming their sources.

It’s also important that you backup your data frequently and, if you use a third-party backup system, make sure it will not overwrite your good backups with the encrypted versions.

Clients on our managed services program are covered. Our team is continually taking steps to limit any exposure to threats facing your computer network. Our email security, backups and antivirus services are monitored and updated regularly to make sure that your IT security solutions are doing their job.

For clients or organizations currently not engaged with us or without a current managed services agreement, we can help set up a complete end-to-end security solution. This will make sure your business is protected.

Preventative Tips: 

  1. If you have a computer that is infected, remove it from the network immediately to help prevent further damage.
  2. Use your best judgment and do not click on files, ads or downloads that appear suspicious in your email or on the internet.
  3. Block ADVERTISING and SOCIAL MEDIA at your firewall.
    1. Brainlink clients can ask us to block various types of undesirable traffic at the firewall.


If you see a file named DECRYPT_INSTRUCTION.TXT or DECRYPT_INSTRUCTION.html or DECRYPT_INSTRUCTION.url,  in any of the folders, you should

  1. Note the path of the DECRYPT_INSTRUCTIONS file and the  encrypted files you were trying to access.
  2. Contact us at 917-685-7731
  3. Shut down your PC immediately