A Global overview of Trends in Private Corporate and Government Surveillance

Raj Goel

Are You Paying Your Staff To Download Movies, Porn or look for a New Job?

We’ve discovered (and stopped) employees from: Playing games Downloading movies (which is illegal!) Surfing “adult escort” sites Downloading porn Pirating software If you’re concerned about what your employees are doing online, or want to make sure they don’t put your business at risk, give me a call. My team can put together an effective internet […]

Google’s court filing – Cloud users have no legitimate expectations of Privacy

I’ve been saying for almost a decade that cloud providers don’t care about user privacy, and Google’s real motto is “Don’t be evil. That’s OUR job”. After years of bragging about their privacy policies, commitment to privacy, etc., here’s what Google submitted to the courts recently: “Just as a sender of a letter to a […]

Countdown to Windows XP Shutdown

Support is ending April 2014 (7 Months Away!) No more band-aids, patches, updates or support from Microsoft. Using Windows XP after April 2014 could be a HIPAA, PCI-DSS, GLBA, etc. violation. Malware Everywhere – XP is by far the most vulnerable platform to connect to the internet. Windows XP is a relic from a different […]

Privacy vs. Security — What do you choose?

Below is an excerpt from the Keynote presentation I delivered at GBATA 2013 in Helsinki, Finland. It is based upon my “A Global Overview of Trends in Personal, Corporate and Government Surveillance” presentation. Those who ask you to choose SECURITY OR PRIVACY and those who VOTE on SECURITY OR PRIVACY are making false choices. That’s […]

What I learned from Peter Vesterbacka, Rovio’s MIGHTY EAGLE

NB: I met Peter at the 2013 GBATA conference in Helsinki.  My thanks go out to Dr. N J Delener and the entire GBATA committee for inviting me to keynote, and arranging for us to meet Peter.  Learn more about the Global Business And Technology Association at www.GBATA.org.  I’ve had the honor of keynoting at […]