Android is the NEW Windows—PROTECT YOURSELF!


According to leading security researchers, malware on the Google Android platform has increased 600% – and now has over 650,000 viruses and Trojans.

In more ways than one, Google is aping Microsoft.

Windows became the global desktop leader due to it’s low cost and compatibility with a wide range of manufacturers. Security wasn’t even an after thought.

Whereas Apple has kept tight control on the iOS platform (and as such, has seen 2 viruses in 4 years), Google has made Android open to all, with minimal (none?) security standards.

So, how do you protect yourself?

Just like windows, you need to install and run an Android Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware scanner.

sophos (1)
My current favorite is the SOPHOS FREE ANTIVIRUS AND SECURITY app from the playstore.
Download it, install it, use it.

My favorite features are:

  1. SCANNER—this scans all your apps and identifies any infected ones.
  2. SECURITY ADVISOR—reviews the security settings on your android device and makes recommendations.