Adult Friend Finder Data Breach – Blackmail R Us?

Whether it’s Tinder, Snapchat, AshleyMadison or AdultFriendFinder (AFF), many people aren’t looking for love…they’re looking for instant physical gratification. There’s nothing wrong with sex between consenting adults.

However, there’s plenty wrong with submitting your sexual preferences online.

To quote from the International Business Times:


The information contained in the leak includes usernames, post codes, emails, dates of birth, and even the unique internet addresses of users. It also includes details of which forums most interest the users (subporno, BDSM) and could easily be used to carry out spear phishing attacks against users or potentially blackmail campaigns.

Ken Westin, a senior security analyst at Tripwire, highlighted the problems.

“The Internet has essentially become a database of You. As more data is breached, this information can be sold in underground markets and can create a very vivid profile of an individual,” said Westin.

Like everything else in life, you have a choice.

You can think about the risks, make prudent choices and minimize the disruptions to your personal and business life…or you can submit your peccadillos to websites and apps…and hope your future spouse/employer/law enforcer doesn’t find out.

Remember, if you do not want it to show up on the ten o’clock news, then you should not be engaging in that behavior online.

Raj was interviewed by Jay Dow of PIX11 News regarding the Ashley Madison internet hack. Visit to see the full interview.