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Brainlink’s Raj Goel, CISSP to Present “America Got Pentested

How Facebook, Twitter and Google Were Used to Undermine Democracy” at ISC2 Congress Raj Goel, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Brainlink is proud to be serving as one of the most engaging, captivating and no-holds-barred speakers for the upcoming (ISC)² Cyber Security Conference. (ISC)² is an international nonprofit membership association focused on inspiring a […]

Everyday Hackers

Is your business secure against everyday hackers?

Hollywood has given the world a pretty unrealistic idea of what hackers are really like. They’re not operating in underground fortresses – they’re just working out of their basements. They’re not trying to take over the world – they’re just trying to take over your bank account. They don’t spend months targeting one key victim […]

America Got Pentested – How Facebook, Twitter and Google were used to Undermine Democracy.

For months, the news cycle has been dominated by the latest information having to do with the 2016 US Presidential elections. Revelations continue to surface over how the election process tampered with via a range of cybercriminal methodologies. In his upcoming talk at the 2017 (ISC)2 Security Congress, Raj Goel will use the election as a case study in large scale penetration testing, social engineering and more.

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Data Security and Compliance Continually Proving to be Major Concern in Finance Space

In facing an increasingly tech-based economic environment and rising cybercrime rates, financial service institutions are under more pressure now than ever to ensure client data stays secure. Compliance is the top priority in financial data security and without understanding the clearly defined security standards that financial institutions are required to uphold, IT decisions can’t be […]

Investing in Cyber Security

Investing In Your Cybersecurity Isn’t Just An Expense

Cybersecurity is one of the biggest talking points in business these days, as cybercrime continues to adapt to nearly every line of defense. Methodology evolves non-stop, circumventing both practices and technologies, making it difficult for business owners and executives to keep up. These stats collected by the National Center for the Middle Market (NCMM) as […]

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Gotham’s 15th Bob Formica Annual Golf Outing A Great Success

Brainlink is proud to have once again participated in Gotham’s Bob Formica Annual Golf Outing. This year’s event was a well-attended opportunity to network and have a little fun at the same time. Raj Goel enjoyed the day on the links with the rest of his teammates at the Cold Spring Country Club, playing a […]

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What Are The Biggest Threats Your Construction Firm?

Your success as a construction firm depends on more than what you build for clients. In addition to providing an ideal service, you also have to be careful to protect your firm from worst case scenarios. IT is a fundamental part of your business, but without effective planning and expert assistance, it’s left vulnerable to […]

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Brainlink CTO, Raj Goel, on a Mission to Strategically Inform Construction Professionals

For a long time, IT and data security remained an after-thought for companies in the construction industry. However, as technology continues to dominate the ways in which construction professionals do business, information security is becoming a more important priority industry-wide. Raj Goel, CEO of New York City’s Brainlink, is committed to being the experienced and […]

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Raj Talks Security Concerns for CPAs, Wealth Managers, and Attorneys at UBS

Raj Goel of New York’s Brainlink presented at world-leading financial consulting firm UBS on June 21st, providing key insight into cyber security concerns for members of the financial industry. His talk, “What Should CPAs, Wealth Managers, and Attorneys Know About CyberSecurity?” examined the latest developments in personal and business technology, and how poor practices, sub-par […]

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Join Raj at Continuum Navigate 2017

New offers, unbeatable deals, and free first-time services will all make your clients question whether it’s worth staying with you or trying out your competitor. That’s why it’s so important for you to understand how to show your clients that you’re the best, and the only option for them.