Are You Googling Your Clients’ Privacy Away?

Date: Jul 12,2013 Event: https://www.brighttalk.com/webcast/188/73699 This presentation addresses how various services offered by Google can become a threat to your companies’ privacy and confidentiality policies. It deals with Google’s capabilities to capture and aggregate information with or without user knowledge. Special attention is given to Google’s key offerings such as: * Google Searches * GMail […]


Social Media & Cloud Computing Threats to Privacy, Security and Liberty

This 31-minute webinar shows you how Kids have been denied College Admissions, thrown out of college or kicked out of their majors Interns and employees have cost their employers thousands (or millions) of dollars How kids and adults have gone to jail, around the world, due to mistakes in Social Media Please share this webinar […]


CHWRadio Interview – Raj Goel Utah Medicaid Hack | HIPAA | CISPA

Raj Goel is a regular guest of CHWRadio, and Dave & Bill, the CyberHood Watch Partners, and our loyal readers consider ourselves better informed, and a bit wiser with each interview. We began our discussion with the recent hack of Medicaid that occurred right in our own backyard; Utah. Getting hacked is never a good […]


Raj Goel…Back to Talk About His New Book. – Sep 04,2012

Raj débuted his book, “The Most Important Secrets To Getting Great Results From IT”, at the Friars Club in New York City. The CyberHood Watch is pleased to have Raj return to talk about his new book, and as customary anything else of importance for the public and business owners at large. We look forward to sharing some valuable ideas that will increase your profiability.


CHWRadio Interview – Raj Goel on Social Media Can Land You In Jail


CHWRadio Interview – Raj Goel’s Looking For Love? Don’t Trust Online Dating Sites


CHWRadio Interview – Raj Goel, will talk about phishing, email scams & fraud, etc…

Brainlink has extensive experience in working Pharmaceutical and healthcare markets, especially on time-sensitive, privacy and/or security oriented solutions. From 24×7 crisis management, to security analysis and problem solving, Brainlink brings a wealth of experience in reducing costs, increasing performance and garnering client satisfaction. Raj’s “Is your company Googling it’s Privacy and Security Away” article appeared […]


Regulatory Compliance While Reducing Enterprise Risk

Presenting:Brandon Dunlap, Robert Albach, Raj Goel, Do…
Channel:(ISC)2 ThinkTank
Date:Apr 28 2010
Duration: 00h 59m


Streamlining and Ensuring Continuous Compliance

Presenting:Brandon Dunlap, Raj Goel, Bryan Fish & …
Channel:(ISC)2 ThinkTank
Date:Feb 25 2010
Duration: 01h 00m