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As an IT business owner, why do you refer Raj Goel?

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5 time Emmy Winner, Jay Dow recommends Raj Goel, CISSP as a media-friendly, knowledgeable, cyber security expert.

Episode Transcript:

RAJ: So Jay, we’re in New York City and you have your pick of the top cyber security experts in the world. This is our 7th or 8th interview. Why did you pick Raj, why did you pick me?

JAY: Raj, I’ve been on the street reporting in New York City for 15 years and you are the one person who knows a lot about a lot, no matter what the subject. Whether it’s tech-related, or security-related, or a hybrid of both, but you know exactly what we need. You know how to say it succinctly, in TV speak, and you know your stuff. And when you find someone like that you keep them on speed dial.

RAJ: Awesome, man. Thank you.

JAY: Good luck.

RAJ: I appreciate it.

JAY: All right.

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