Have you seen Raj’s RED Hair?

Every year, Gotham City Networking ( collects funds throughout the summer, in a campaign titled Gotham’s Summer of Giving, and each December, the collected funds are donated to charity.

In 2011, Gotham raised $ 10,000.

My friends, Erin Ardleigh (Insurance Broker extraordinaire), Liz Saldana (residential real estate agent for anyone who wants to live indoors!) and we decided to raise the bar and aim for $15,000.  Lots of people said it couldn’t be done.  And we had similar fears.

People need a hero, a mascot, and a laugh.  We combined all three and the PaintRajRed campaign was born.  We recruited well known Gothamites, Famous Friars and other friends to shamelessly pitch for our campaign.  You cam see the videos at

I am happy to report that we raised over $16,000 for The Red Cross, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and Memorial Sloan Kettering.

In the process, my friendship with Liz, Erin, Scott, Susan and countless others deepened, we had fun, and most importantly, we demonstrated the power of a group.  Working together, we CAN solve any problem, tackle any challenge…and have FUN doing it!

Pictures from the event: