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Raj Goel, CISSP

CTO, Co-Founder, Starship Captain (“Captain Kirk”)

Raj Goel, Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), is an author, entrepreneur, IT expert, and industry leader that specializes in the field of cyber security and privacy law.

As the founder of leading IT consultation firm, Brainlink, Raj has spent more than 20 years developing proven IT solutions for a range of high-profile clients in the financial, construction, architectural and property management industries.

 Raj’s passion for innovation and understanding is applied holistically to his professional endeavors. While striving to provide his clients with a quality and selection of services that won’t be found anywhere else, he also works tirelessly to better Brainlink internally by applying his award-winning Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Culture to improve service quality, eliminate redundancies and boost staff productivity.

Raj’s methodology and commitment is the answer to the never-ending problems that result from the IT industry’s “johnny-come-lately” culture. Whereas other IT consultants and service providers work hard to follow trends as quickly as they can, it’s Raj that has been observing and predicting industry trends at each and every turn, thanks to his 10+ years of work following relevant developments with the FTC, patterns in the surveillance state and privacy culture, and more.

Have you settled for the industry standard? To discover a new level of IT expertise and support, speak to Raj right away at (917) 685-7731 or raj@brainlink.com.

Sharon Goel

Co-Founder, CFO (“Dr. McCoy”)

With a Masters in Education, and a passion for archeology, Sharon is equally comfortable digging up bones, or diving deep into invoices and billing history.

Sharon & Raj met at Binghamton University in 1990, and they’ve been inseparable ever since. They also hold the distinction of being one of the first Hindu-Jewish couples in the NYC area, and their wedding was covered by NHK Television (Japan) and the New York Newsday newspaper. As CFO and co-founder of Brainlink, Sharon’s day job is managing the finances, resolving client questions and keeping the billing and expenses under control. In her off hours, Sharon enjoys sci-fi and fantasy novels, murder mysteries and CSI.

Shival Agarwal

Sr. Systems Administrator, Half-human, Half-Android (“Mr. DATA”)

Musician, entrepreneur, technical mage, and facial hair enthusiast Shival Agarwal is Brainlink’s Senior System’s Engineer. In this position, he excels at Training, QA, Level 3 Support, and can occasionally be seen on the Front Lines of the Helpdesk.

Shival has been an avid technical magician since his first internship (with Brainlink!) at 14 years old (just don’t ask him about the laptop incident!). His magic and enthusiasm were sculpted into professional results over 10 years as IT Coordinator and Consultant for a variety of small businesses, Macy’s, Williams-Sonoma, the West-Islip School District, the Harford Memorial Hospital in Maryland, and the Kindercare Daycare chain.

Shival’s loves that every client brings something different to the table. The differing cultures, priorities, and challenges of each environment make each day distinctively rewarding.

In his downtime, Shival enjoys playing his guitar, engaging in team strategy oriented computer games, and exploring and creating the meaning of life with his beautiful girlfriend.

IT Consultant in NYC

Charles Rawls

Senior Advisor, Obi-Wan Crawls, Q

Part QuarterMaster (“Q”) from James Bond and part deranged Alien Entity with cosmic powers (“Q”) from Star Trek: TNG, Crawls is variously known as Satan, Fuzzy, Old Wise One and the tech genie. With his magical bag of tricks developed over 50 years in IT & Consulting and a large lab full of equipment, spare parts and arcane hardware known as Dorsai and the BadWolf Lair, Charles is the goto man for technical solutions, irreverent blog posts, and exceptional meals. Technologist, Internet Pioneer, Certified AWS Professional Solutions Architect & Devops Engineer Professional, Chef, Gourmand and Meme Ninja. Clients & staff know, Crawls is all-wise, all-knowing; Annoy him at your peril; He doesn’t suffer fools or slackers lightly. His memes and bad puns are matched only by his competency in solving Impossible Missions. An award-winning Sci-Fi author, and a retired military officer, Crawls lives by the motto “Sine Pari” – he is WITHOUT equal, and his love of hardware comes in various calibers. When he isn’t busy destabilizing the middle east, or baking cookies, Charles mentors everyone at Team Brainlink. And like Q – his lessons are educational, life changing and sometimes, positively evil.

Anthony Vinciguerra

Systems Administrator (“Mr. Sulu”)

Anthony has strong interpersonal skills and focuses heavily on making clients happy.  He used to run his own IT consulting firm and knows that the CLIENTS FIRST focus is key to a successful business.  A graduate of military schools, Anthony brings a “get it done” attitude to the table.

Anna Parker

Ensign Ro

Anna is the self-proclaimed keeper of the service board.  She makes sure all tickets are followed up on, clients are kept updated and techs are being productive.  Like the famed Bajoran, she’s a fantastic and effective colleague…unless you annoy her. 🙂

Greg Howard

Systems Administrator

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