Family Offices

Invest in the safety of your clients’ assets today.

Managing the investments and trusts of a client family is a delicate business. While productivity and asset growth are key, often the primary concern is security. Viruses, data breaches, cybercrime and more can all threaten the safety of the assets you manage, which is why it is vital for you to properly invest in the right digital security. Brainlink International can help.

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How Can Brainlink International Help Your Family Offices?

Just as each office represents a different client family, Brainlink International understands that no two family offices are the same. In order to provide you with a truly bespoke service, we strive to understand your office’s needs and goals on a detailed level. As your trusted partner in IT, we will:

  • Ensure total confidentiality. Thanks to our two decades of experience in the industry, we know how to maintain the privacy of the family offices we support. You can trust us to keep your clients’ particulars completely undisclosed.
  • Monitor your IT environment to identify and address any issues the moment they occur.
  • Provide ongoing management of cyber security and compliance to make sure your systems operate as needed for business and regulatory purposes.
  • Identify and analyze server “events” for potential issues, such as cybercrime threats, or internal human error.
  • Address and rectify processes or services that fail. When it’s our fault, we’ll let you know immediately; and likewise, when we discover employee misconduct on your end, we’ll inform you and offer consultation in the resolution process.
  • Ensure that security patches, service packs and anti-virus protocols are up to date with the latest known threats.
  • Provide the ROI that you expect from the technology you’ve invested in by helping your staff to make productive and appropriate use of it.
  • Ensure that your data backups are completed by performing daily backup reviews so that any possible error is identified within 24 business hours.

Invest in your clients’ security today. Contact our team at (347) 460-2238 or to learn more.