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*HIRING NOW* Technical Support Professionals

WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU HAD FUN AT WORK? It’s a great time to join our IT support team.  Get all the benefits of working with leading clients in finance, construction and real estate industries in a growing MSP environment.  Not only do we take pride in what we do, we have FUN.  Your intelligence, attention to detail & energy are what we need.

At Brainlink, we offer a highly driven and motivated environment. Our support team is focused on achieving their target while delivering outstanding customer service and our technical team is pressured to continue to push beyond our customer expectations in order to deliver a world class managed services offering.

In order to be part of the team you’ve got to be a self-starter, an independent thinker, someone who is comfortable digging in and getting your hands dirty, and ideally, a strong leader… someone capable of clearly communicating your vision to your teammates.

We have a lot of “Type A’s” within the team so you’ve got to be able to hold your own and voice your opinion for what you believe is right.



NOTE: All jobs & internships requires commuting to Manhattan. You must live within 60 minutes of midtown Manhattan!

Available Positions:

Technical Support Engineer

Brainlink is a pioneer in SOP culture. If you think this is boring, then you probably don’t know it well enough and/or you’ll be happier at another company.

If, in your mind, SOP is synonymous with growth, sustainability, and lasting efficiency, then Brainlink may be the team you’re destined to be on.

Aggressively growing companies need to focus on innovating their craft, and we are the S.E.A.L. team to make sure their IT needs aren’t a concern or distraction.

We need more high-powered, obsessively technical minds to support our top-tier clients’ every IT need, from cyber security to being a virtual CTO.

On this team, you will have the opportunity to drive your career as you see fit, with Brainlink financially supporting your continued education and learning.

To do this successfully you must:

  • Possess superior customer-facing skills (i.e. articulate, communicative, and responsive)

    • You are the face of Brainlink and will potentially engage with our clients’ senior executives to discuss the technical issues

  • Hold your own during a discussion

    • Voice your opinion for what you believe is right

  • Always be improving

    • It’s okay to make mistakes but they must grow you. The status quo is not acceptable

  • Be solutions-oriented. Solve problems with action and continued learning

    • The team is an excellent resource, but think independently first

    • Have the ability to manage multiple projects and tasks at a rapid pace

    • Dress well

    • Live within 60 minutes of midtown Manhattan

  • This is not a work from home position

    • Be A+, Network+, or Security+ certified

A certain number of years working specifically in the IT industry isn’t necessary, but the knowledge and hard skills needed to succeed typically take 2+ years of hands-on systems administration, networking, and troubleshooting experience. Ideally, you’ll have an idea of what areas you are good at and enjoy.

Remember: Success takes both time and hard work. We will get you there if you’re willing to put in the time and work to achieve it.

Compensation: Based on ability, with full benefits

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