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"There is no one else like Brainlink..."

Brainlink International, Inc.

There is no one else that I could or would trust with my technology needs. From my hosting and email to the upkeep of my network and the data that runs my company, Brainlink and Raj have always been there for me. Knowing that they are taking care of my information structure means I don't have to worry “

Kelly Fox H Fox & Co.

“The best thing we ever did was hire Brainlink…”

Brainlink International, Inc.

When a technology problem comes up that no other technology consultant can solve, I call Brainlink Brainlink’s staff always finds a solution and gets the issue resolved without taking much more of my time then the time it took to pick up the phone or send a quick email. That allows my office to focus on growing our businesses, championing progressive public policy, and fighting for what's right. We are able to take care of our core missions while they worry about the technology, so we don't have to.

Benjamin Kallos Carlyle Capital

"Brainlink improved our client communications and event planning, while giving us a predictable monthly bill."

Brainlink International, Inc.

Before we met Brainlink, we had ok IT service. What frustrated us was being charged by the hour. We never knew what our bill would be and the smallest of problems or simplest of questions generated at least two hours of billable time. Raj & his team at Brainlink fixed our existing problems and made several cost-effective suggestions for improving our workflow, all while giving us a predictable monthly bill. In addition, Brainlink spent three months learning about our business and then helped us implement tools to serve our clients better. Raj worked hand-in-hand with us to implement SendOutCards, Cardscan and InfusionSoft, which improved our client communications and event planning. Raj is a great partner in not just IT, but in using technology to grow your business. I highly recommend him and Brainlink.

Erin Ardleigh Wechsler Associates

"We switched to Brainlink's fixed monthly fee system and I couldn't be happier with the result!"

Brainlink International, Inc.

For many years, we had been using a different outside consultant but their hourly billing system was not transparent and we didn't feel like we were getting the service that we needed. First, Raj and his team spent a lot of time analyzing our network before making recommendations. The thing that impressed me the most was that he brought in three different technicians "all with different specializations" to get our network updated and secured. I know that they put in a lot of time and effort to get everything up and running, but from our standpoint, it was seamless. They never got in our way and it didn't interrupt us here in the office. We have the peace of mind that our network is being watched and properly maintained. Everyone here is very productive because issues are resolved quickly and painlessly "the flat monthly rate that we pay gives them an incentive to be very efficient and it really shows! I like the personal service Brainlink International, Inc. provides and the fact that I can pick up the phone or email them anytime with a question and get an answer right away. I genuinely get the feeling that Raj and the team at Brainlink International, Inc. want to help me, and that is, I think, the thing that I appreciate most.

Jackie Renton AION Partners

"We're Saving Somewhere Between $30,000 to $40,000 a Year Thanks to Brainlink"

Brainlink International, Inc.

My experience so far with Brainlink International, Inc. has been nothing but amazing; they have consistently gone above and beyond our expectations. The technician that works with us from Brainlink International, Inc. is one of the best engineers that I've ever worked with. He is forward thinking and plans out what we're going to need in the months and years to come instead of thinking only quick fix and short term. He's taken care of everything and it really has made my life a heck of a lot easier. To date we've realized a very positive ROI on Brainlink International, Inc. services based upon what we had seen in the past using internal resources; I would say that we are probably saving somewhere between $30,000 to $40,000 dollars a year thanks to Brainlink International, Inc. The capabilities they bring to the table are everything we were looking for. Plus, the fact that they monitor our network 24/7/365 takes a lot or responsibility off of everyone at the company, myself included. They are dedicated, very professional and always available. There hasn't been one time that I have called Brainlink International, Inc. where I did get a prompt response. I've called them late in the evening and way early in the morning outside of normal business hours and they're always available and willing to help in whatever I need.'

Kevin S. Daly Wolf Insurance Planning

"They've Taken the Burden of Computer Support and Maintenance Off My Back"

Brainlink International, Inc.

Thanks to the Brainlink IT service, the entire burden of computer support is taken off my back, and I don't have to worry about security threats or downtime. Now we are getting regular Microsoft updates, virus updates, spyware is being scanned and removed, the temporary files are getting cleaned up, and our backups are being taken care of. It's really helped speed up our network, our programs run better, and we don't have the recurring problems that we had in the past. For a small business like ours, Brainlink IT just makes sense. It gives you the real necessities of support you need at a very fair price. When you are running a business, you need to maintain a focus on keeping your clients happy and the income coming in. That takes precedence over removing temp files or scanning for spyware. But you can't ignore those things either or it will come back and develop into bigger problems. The support provided through the Brainlink IT takes that worry off my mind. It's really rare to find an IT support company that caters to the small business owner like me.

Andrew Weltchek Weltchek Law
Brainlink International, Inc.

Raj enables us non-techies to be OK around technology, and know we are in good hands.

Scott M. Bloom Bloom Real Estate Group LLC

"Brainlink allows us to concentrate on our clients, not our computers"

Brainlink International, Inc.

At OfficeLinks, we provide clients with a workplace environment where their business will thrive. Delivering next-generation, on-demand office space, video conference studios and meeting rooms requires enterprise-grade technology, seamless IT support and innovative tools. Brainlink allows us to concentrate on enabling our clients to open offices in premier locations including the Trump Tower (40 Wall Street, NY), 1440 Broadway (NY) and the Sears/Willis Tower in Chicago. Their Fixed-Fee IT Support is an exceptional product and provides significant value to our clients. To me, it makes a lot of financial sense to pay a monthly fee to make sure our computer network is up and running than to have to pay thousands of dollars to fix a problem that could have been prevented in the first place. Knowing that the Brainlink team is watching over our data and the network gives me peace of mind that's priceless. It's almost like having your own personal IT team on staff "but without the overhead and costs." Brainlink is a valued partner and we recommend them to our clients. If you want the best in serviced office space, get it at The OfficeLinks. If you want the best in fixed-fee IT, with great support, hire Brainlink.

Brainlink International, Inc.

Raj and his staff at Brainlink International have responded quickly to computer problems at our offices and just as quickly resolved the problems to our satisfaction. He has also provided invaluable recommendations on IT security as well as providing cost-effective solutions for our IT and computer system issues. When it comes to IT matters I turn first to Raj. But then again, if he can't do it, then it's unlikely anyone else can.

Steven Mancinelli Mancinelli & Associates, P.C.

"We have hired Raj and his team several times to work with our clients."

Brainlink International, Inc.

I highly recommend Raj for two main reasons; Raj has (1) the business acumen to understand clients' "business challenges and initiatives" and then (2) map them to the right IT solutions to solve those business challenges and business initiatives. These skills are critical because it is never about the technology and always about adding value to the client by understanding their business and then leveraging IT. One of our clients, a multi-billion dollar company, had critical IT problems that were negatively impacting their business. Raj stayed several nights until past 2AM to perform root cause analysis and remediation of the problems. The client was ecstatic!

Laurence Chaityn Keiretsu Forum NY/Tri-State
Brainlink International, Inc.

Raj is your ideal IT expert/entrepreneur for three reasons. He brings deep knowledge of cutting IT issues, an understanding of how his client's businesses work, and a great personality.

Denise Silber Basil Strategies
Brainlink International, Inc.

Raj has an excellent command of the health industry IT needs and requirements. In addition he is able to integrate security requirements in a way that no other IT professional has accomplished cost effectively.

Ester Horowitz M2Power Inc
Brainlink International, Inc.

My experience with having a remote IT expert work on my company computer was awesome. There was nothing I needed to do except answer a question once in a while. Everything I wanted was done for me and he made sure my IT was working optimally beyond the original reason for our engagement. In addition he let me know that I may need to upgrade in the near future to maintain optimal function as I upgrade my technical capabilities. That is very helpful to know as part of my strategy and financial planning.

Ester Horowitz Certified Identity Theft Risk Mgmt Specialist Certified Management Counselor
Brainlink International, Inc.

Things have finally calmed down long enough at the office to report that Raj Goel dropped everything and spent over 7 hours at our office not long ago, making an emergency “house call” to rectify the sudden, surprise loss of one of our complete database housing, among other things, over 7 years of calendar entries and approximately 7,000 contact entries. To add an additional challenge, we really needed this done quickly just prior to leaving the country for over a week. Peace of mind? Priceless!

Alan J. Schwartz Esq

"Brainlink’s staff is very responsive and professional"

Brainlink International, Inc.

“What I like best about Brainlink is that their ticketing system tracks issues and gives us the ability to spot trends or issues before they become major problems”

‐ Chris Gallin, Partner

“Brainlink’s staff is very responsive and professional”

‐ Tom Gallin, Partner

Tom & Chris Gallin John Gallin & Son
Brainlink International, Inc.

“Unlike our previous IT company, you were able to solve our computer problems, so that my secretary and I can get our work out faster. You are the best IT company I have dealt with!”

Philip A Greenberg Law Offices of Philip A. Greenberg, Esq.
Brainlink International, Inc.

He and his guys are very sharp. They have a holistic picture of what we’re trying to achieve and he has a very good perception of what the businesses need. His advice has always been really practical and easy to implement and he’s managed to get it done when he says he’s going to do it. I’ve been really pleased with his work.

Our business was wiped out by a viral invasion prior to hiring Brainlink. He put us back in the business, he got all the glitches out, he got rid of the viruses, he cleaned out all the computers, he saved us in a very big way from failure. It was really an impressive performance.

Mark Ellis Partner Cornerstone Architects
Brainlink International, Inc.

I have known Raj Goel through his presentations on the (ISC)2 webcasts. I have seen several of (ISC)2’s webcasts over the past 8 years, but I would be hard pressed to remember a single presentor by name. It has been Raj’s compelling presentations that clearly stand a cut above the rest. His presentation on spearphishing is vivid in my mind due to its rich example driven content and practical tips. I frequently find myself referring to Raj’s presentations when discussing privacy concerns with people in my organization (see his presentation on cloud security concerns). To sum it up, Raj is a fine presentor who knows how to drive the point home and more importantly keeps the audience engaged and listening. I look forward to his next nuggets of wisdom!” August 16, 2013

Rajesh Tamhane Principal Consultant ThoughtWorks

"The proactive planning makes my life a lot easier..."

Brainlink International, Inc.

I love the promt response and the ticketing system. Instead of wasiting 10 phone calls calling our old vendor, now I get complete visibility in my email! Having our internal IT staff plug into your ticketing system and follow that process has increased our productivity. I have fewer people in the field that are down or ignored. My staff gets back to work faster. The project plans, proactive budgets adn forecasts make my life easier. What sets Brainlink apart is that you guys are doing exactly what you said you were going to do.

Dan Williams CFO E W Howell
Brainlink International, Inc.

Mike and his associates have decades of experience in the NYC Real Estate market and can usually find the right solution for any client. Whether you’re looking to buy buildings, build hotels or navigate the city’s complex real estate market, you need to work with professionals.

Mike also owns a fabulous apartment and has amazing art works. As a member of the “Greatest Generation”, Mike brings gravitas to any conversation. Both Mike and Shelley also attended CCNY (‘60) with Colin Powell, Andy Grove, Judd Hirsch and other luminaries. Mike has published artworks by Robert Rauschenberg and James Rosenquist. One of the things that brings a smile to Mike’s eyes is that he & Shelley produced the Broadway musical NINE. Talk about a renaissance man! Not content to sit on his laurels, Mike gives back by being very active in mentoring the next generation of CCNY graduates.

Michael Appell